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Stem cells from adipose tissue are effective in anti-aging therapy

Scientists from the University of Verona and University of Rio de Janeiro applied an anti-aging skin treatment basing on autologous stem cells isolated from adipose tissue. The study involved application of two methods for preparation of cell suspension. In the first method, purified and expanded stem cells were used. The second method utilized fat enriched in so called stromal-vascular fraction, which contains several cell types.

The researchers used an objective method for assessment of therapy results- they have analyzed skin biopsies before and 3 months after cell treatment. Injection of cells caused remodeling of the dermis reticular layer, which resulted in lower numbers of collagen fibers and increased amount of small-diameter elastin fibers. Higher number of small blood vessels was also observed. In the papillary dermis, an increased number of oxytalan, immature elastic fibers and decreased number of degenerated elastic fibers (elastosis) was observed.
The structural changes caused by cellular therapy are indicative of increased elasticity and hydration, which means rejuvenation of the skin. Both methods of cell suspension preparation were equally effective in anti-aging effect, except that application of expanded mesenchymal stem cells resulted in slightly increased content of adipose in the subcutaneous tissue, which is a water reservoir for the dermis. The research performed by Italian and Brasilian scientists gives convincing proofs on the effectiveness of stem cells from adipose tissue in treatment of aging skin.

Source: Charles-de-Sa, L., et al., Antiaging treatment of the facial skin by fat graft and adipose-derived stem cells. Plast Reconstr Surg, 2015. 135(4): p. 999-1009.[:]

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